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Single bet

1 event – 1 tip! The single bet is the simplest bet offered by bet-at-home, with the fastest chance of winning.

Combi bet

Minimum stake, high winnings – the best way to do this is with combi bets! In comparison to a single bet, where you can bet solely on one event, with one single stake you can bet on several matches.

System bet

Win even if not all matches were correctly predicted – this is only possible with system bets! Here there are a variety of betting possibilities. Decide for yourself on the system 3 out of 4, and you've won, as long as three of your bets are correct.

Multiway bet

With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Gambling can be addictive. Please play responsibly. You can find useful tips and information about counselling centres on our Responsible Gaming page.

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5 popular bets in one combi bet! 5 popular underdogs in one combi bet! 5 randomly selected bets in one combi bet!

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Top Winners
04.08.2021 02:36
Ivica S.
Combi bet
3648.92 EUR
03.08.2021 15:39
Simon K.
Combi bet
3290.60 EUR
03.08.2021 22:00
Tobias K.
Combi bet
3228.88 EUR
03.08.2021 21:59
Enrico Z.
Combi bet
1593.10 EUR

Russia, Liga Pro

Fedosov, Aleksandr Yurevich - Safonov, Vladimir
04.08.21 23:151.672.00
Kutuzov, Oleg - Lbov, Yuriy Vyacheslavovich
04.08.21 23:152.311.50
Turabekov, Tynchtyk - Ilyukhin, Evgeniy
04.08.21 23:301.562.18
Sayanov, Denis - Kalashnikov, Evgeniy
04.08.21 23:453.701.20
Ogay, Sergey - Evlakhin, Dmitry Mikhaylovich
05.08.21 00:001.941.71
Sadovskiy, Nikita - Kutuzov, Oleg
05.08.21 00:152.041.64
Volkov, Aleksandr Dmitrievich - Fedosov, Aleksandr Yurevich
05.08.21 00:151.662.01
Ilyukhin, Evgeniy - Sidorin, Valery
05.08.21 00:301.442.46
Kalashnikov, Evgeniy - Safonov, Vladimir
05.08.21 00:453.101.28
Ilin, Anatoliy - Lbov, Yuriy Vyacheslavovich
05.08.21 00:451.821.82
Turabekov, Tynchtyk - Evlakhin, Dmitry Mikhaylovich
05.08.21 01:001.542.22
Uvarov, Alexey - Kutuzov, Oleg
05.08.21 01:151.662.01
Sayanov, Denis - Fedosov, Aleksandr Yurevich
05.08.21 01:152.101.60
Sidorin, Valery - Ogay, Sergey
05.08.21 01:303.701.20
Lbov, Yuriy Vyacheslavovich - Sadovskiy, Nikita
05.08.21 01:451.671.99
Safonov, Vladimir - Volkov, Aleksandr Dmitrievich
05.08.21 01:451.871.77
Evlakhin, Dmitry Mikhaylovich - Ilyukhin, Evgeniy
05.08.21 02:002.111.59
Kutuzov, Oleg - Ilin, Anatoliy
05.08.21 02:152.131.58
Fedosov, Aleksandr Yurevich - Kalashnikov, Evgeniy
05.08.21 02:151.632.06
Sidorin, Valery - Turabekov, Tynchtyk
05.08.21 02:304.501.14
Safonov, Vladimir - Sayanov, Denis
05.08.21 02:451.612.09
Lbov, Yuriy Vyacheslavovich - Uvarov, Alexey
05.08.21 02:453.151.28
Ilyukhin, Evgeniy - Ogay, Sergey
05.08.21 03:001.951.70
Ilin, Anatoliy - Sadovskiy, Nikita
05.08.21 03:152.851.33
Kalashnikov, Evgeniy - Volkov, Aleksandr Dmitrievich
05.08.21 03:152.211.55
Bogomolov, Albert - Kolmin, Alexander
05.08.21 06:303.101.29
Makarenkov, Evgeny Valerievich - Shmakov, Andrey
05.08.21 06:451.741.90
Trushkin, Anatoly - Gavrilov, Yurii Aleksandrovich
05.08.21 06:452.321.49
Tikhnenko, Dmitry - Zirin, Aleksey
05.08.21 07:151.861.78
Tsvetkov, Vyacheslav - Batalov, Anatoly
05.08.21 07:152.081.62
Gavrilov, Yurii Aleksandrovich - Tsvetkov, Vyacheslav
05.08.21 07:451.552.20
Shmakov, Andrey - Tikhnenko, Dmitry
05.08.21 07:451.861.78
Belugin, Oleg - Bogomolov, Albert
05.08.21 08:002.011.66
Batalov, Anatoly - Trushkin, Anatoly
05.08.21 08:151.572.15
Zirin, Aleksey - Makarenkov, Evgeny Valerievich
05.08.21 08:152.071.62
Bogomolov, Albert - Vorozheykin, Aleksandr Vasilievich
05.08.21 08:301.124.80
Trushkin, Anatoly - Tsvetkov, Vyacheslav
05.08.21 08:451.781.86
Makarenkov, Evgeny Valerievich - Tikhnenko, Dmitry
05.08.21 08:452.651.39
Kolmin, Alexander - Belugin, Oleg
05.08.21 09:001.532.24
Gavrilov, Yurii Aleksandrovich - Batalov, Anatoly
05.08.21 09:152.391.47
Shmakov, Andrey - Zirin, Aleksey
05.08.21 09:152.751.35
Mikheev, Daniil Anatolievich - Girevenkov, Alik
05.08.21 10:301.572.16
Bondarenko, Pavel - Lobanov, Aleksej
05.08.21 10:451.961.69
Razinkov, Timofey - Kalashnikov, Evgeniy
05.08.21 11:002.651.39
Minchenkov, Igor - Putilovsky, Vadim
05.08.21 11:152.901.33
Slaschilin, Alexey - Libackiy, Aleksandr
05.08.21 11:151.552.20
Girevenkov, Alik - Razinkov, Timofey
05.08.21 11:301.821.82
Bazhinov, Yaroslav - Slaschilin, Alexey
05.08.21 11:451.532.23
Lobanov, Aleksej - Minchenkov, Igor
05.08.21 11:451.662.01
Kalashnikov, Evgeniy - Mikheev, Daniil Anatolievich
05.08.21 12:001.821.82
Libackiy, Aleksandr - Poletaev, Igor
05.08.21 12:151.981.68
Putilovsky, Vadim - Bondarenko, Pavel
05.08.21 12:151.572.15
Mikheev, Daniil Anatolievich - Razinkov, Timofey
05.08.21 12:302.011.66
Bondarenko, Pavel - Minchenkov, Igor
05.08.21 12:451.592.12
Poletaev, Igor - Slaschilin, Alexey
05.08.21 12:454.401.14
Girevenkov, Alik - Kalashnikov, Evgeniy
05.08.21 13:002.011.66
Bazhinov, Yaroslav - Libackiy, Aleksandr
05.08.21 13:151.532.23
Lobanov, Aleksej - Putilovsky, Vadim
05.08.21 13:152.151.57
Play responsibly!

That's why there is a one-minute break when switching between our products.
Gambling can be addictive. Therefore, player protection is very important to us. We offer different tools for Responsible Gaming. Further, you can get support from the following counselling centres:

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