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With this betting type you can place more tips on a particular event. Example: With Bayern Munich playing against Borussia Dortmund, you bet on tip 1 and tip 2 at the same time and therefore minimise the risk.

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Top Winners
22.09.2023 20:30
Single bet
2777.76 EUR
22.09.2023 11:22
Combi bet
2053.09 EUR
22.09.2023 22:24
Single bet
1994.37 EUR
22.09.2023 15:13
Combi bet
1906.65 EUR
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CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa

23.09.2023 15:00, Football, Poland, I ligalive
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa2.453.252.65
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (1:0)1.414.305.40
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (0:1)4.704.101.48
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (0:2)11.006.401.14
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa1.781.93
Double Chance1X12X2
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa1.401.291.46
Double Chance 1st half1X12X2
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa1.261.531.29
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 0.5)8.201.04
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 1.5)3.451.27
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 2.5)1.851.85
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 3.5)1.333.05
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 4.5)1.115.60
Under/Over 1st half12
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 0.5)2.751.38
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 1.5)1.392.70
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 2.5)1.086.00
Under/Over 2nd half12
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 0.5)3.851.21
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 1.5)1.692.01
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 2.5)1.184.10
Handicap 1st Half1X2
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (0:1)9.603.601.30
Will both teams score at least one goal?
3Way Under/Over
5.40Team 1 to win and fewer than 2.5 goals to be scored in the match3.75Team 1 to win and more than 2.5 goals to be scored in the match
4.10Draw and fewer than 2.5 goals to be scored in the match11.00Draw and more than 2.5 goals to be scored in the match
5.80Team 2 to win and fewer than 2.5 goals to be scored in the match4.10Team 2 to win and more than 2.5 goals to be scored in the match
3Way Under/Over
3.20Team 1 to win and fewer than 3.5 goals to be scored in the match7.20Team 1 to win and more than 3.5 goals to be scored in the match
4.10Draw and fewer than 3.5 goals to be scored in the match11.00Draw and more than 3.5 goals to be scored in the match
3.45Team 2 to win and fewer than 3.5 goals to be scored in the match8.20Team 2 to win and more than 3.5 goals to be scored in the match
3Way Under/Over
2.70Team 1 to win and fewer than 4.5 goals to be scored in the match12.00Team 1 to win and more than 4.5 goals to be scored in the match
3.15Draw and fewer than 4.5 goals to be scored in the match60.00Draw and more than 4.5 goals to be scored in the match
2.95Team 2 to win and fewer than 4.5 goals to be scored in the match14.00Team 2 to win and more than 4.5 goals to be scored in the match
3-way and both teams score at least one goal?
4.70Team 1 / Yes4.30Team 1 / No
4.10Draw / Yes11.00Draw / No
5.00Team 2 / Yes4.80Team 2 / No
Under/Over Team 112
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 0.5)3.351.26
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 1.5)1.552.24
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 2.5)1.144.70
Under/Over Team 212
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 0.5)3.151.29
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 1.5)1.502.37
CWKS Resovia - Polonia Warszawa (under/over 2.5)1.125.20
Correct score
27.00Any other result
Correct score - First half
3.851 / 130.001 / 214.001 / X
5.80X / 1